Justin Johnson

Web Developer/Software Engineer

About Me!

Justin Johnson is a software engineer and full stack web developer based out of NYC. He spends much of his time building cool stuff in virtual reality and working with positional and 3D audio. He also works in Theatre Sound Design, and has designed 16 shows over the last three years, with much of his work being focused around creating immersive sound designs and compelling auditory worlds.


The Dance Thing

Promotional website for a dance event.

Frontend built in React, using Gatsby.js as a static site generator.

United Way of King County

Website refresh for home page and main issue pages.

Designed in Webflow, implemented in Wordpress.

United Way of King County - Brand Guidelines

Online reference for the look and feel of UWKC projects. Available for both internal work and to freelancers.

Izy Coffey Music

Music portfolio website.

Frontend built in Webflow.

Jackson & Hertogs

Maintenace website developer for Jackson & Hertogs Immigration Lawfirm.

Built in Wordpress.

Horse Trade APAP 2017 Website

Full website for all Horse Trade Theatre Group shows in the Association of Performing Arts Presenters' (APAP) 2017 theatre festival.

Built in HTML and CSS, using MaterializeCSS for layout and a grid system.

VR Music App

A web-based virtual reality app where the user can play back sounds and audio clips by interacting with objects in space.

Built in HTML and Javascript, using the WebVR library and A-Frame framework.


A side-scrolling Powerpuff Girls fighting game, built in HTML5 canvas using the Panda.js game engine.

Control your character with the left and right arrow keys.

Spotify Community Playlist

An app that provides a platform for Spotify users to recommend songs based on a person's mood. Leverages the Spotify API to add playlists to your personal account with the click of a button.

Written in Ruby, Rails backend.

Stream Search

An app that lets users search any TV show or movie, and tells you where you can watch it (Hulu, HBO Go, iTunes, etc.)

Written in Javascript ES5, Node.js/Express backend.

GA Location Chat

A location-based app that will let you chat with any other online users, as long as you are on a General Assembly campus.

Written in Elixir, Phoenix backend.